"First became a patient one year ago. We asked him what his feelings were toward our practice and he said he was very happy with our practice. We asked him what experience made him happy and he wrote, "I had a bad tooth that was killing me, and the doctor got me right in and took care of it pain free. We then asked Fred two benefits he had received from our office and he said,"I'm not fond of dentists. Dr. Brink and her staff made me feel really good about coming here. Thank you all!!"

Fred L.

First became a patient six years ago. She stated that her and her kids love it here. After her five year old daughter had a filling done here, she wanted to know when she could come back to Dr. Brink's office.

Kim T.

Patient Anna M. said since she has to travel all the way from the tip of Lake Michigan, I would say I think Dr. Brink and staff are great, they are very professional and as sweet as they can be.

Anna M.

Patient Celeste R. said one of the benefits she receives from our office is that we always work around her husband when he needs a quick appointment due to his varied work schedule. This makes it less stressful on him which makes him not want to give up on going to the dentist. She said everyone here is extremely nice and schedule she and her daughter's cleanings so they can come together.

Celeste R.

Patient Richard Z. said he doesn't dread coming to the dentist anymore. This is the first experience he has had where he did not feel the pain when given his injection. He also stated that he seems to smile more since having a front tooth replaced from gold to white.

Richard Z.

Patient Vanessa B. says that our office has a very friendly staff and that Dr. Brink provides her with quality dental work. She also stated that her six year old daughter is now, "totally comfortable coming to the dentist and that is great!"

Vanessa B.

Patient Melanie F. feels our office is friendly and very patient. She also said we are always on time, friendly and helpful!!

Melanie F.

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